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Oct./Nov. 2012 Trip to Namibia and Madagascar

January 14, 2013

It is a brutally cold day here in Espanola, NM (-1 at 8:00 AM), and so a fitting time to describe Laurie’s and my trip to Africa last October and November.  This tale has remained untold until now because we have been super busy doing shows and buying minerals and beaching in Mexico.


October 21, 2012

The trip began with the usual agonizingly long plane rides including a very long night layover in Johannesburg where we stayed in the…


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North American Emerald Mine

Its in 4 parts....

Just started out as a walk into the pit... Then sombody yelled they found GREEN!

If you couldn't be there this is as close as I could get you.

Hope you have as much fun as I did...

Watch Terry extract the pocket of a lifetime.

This is what dreams are made of.

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Graves Mountain

I took nine children rock hunting with me to Graves Mountain in Licolnton Ga. Every year twice a year they open up and let you dig for free. Whatever you find you keep.  I was hoping for diamonds.  The children were hoping for gold. LOL. What we got were great memories and a book bag full of stones.  They are red and orange and actually crumble with pressure.  Plus I got a back ache from carrying the treasures they found.  Its great fun and is open every May and October.

Added by Barbara soderberg on February 23, 2012 at 11:55pm — No Comments

Answers to Pete's Xmas Rocks quiz

Pete’s Christmas Rock Quiz


Picture #1

1. Arkosic sandstone/comglomerate; call it a…


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Rockhounds List Rules


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Down Under Trip Report

Down Under Trip Report

NOTE: In many cases I have used spelling and terminology used Down Under (colour, harbour, tyre, car park, etc.), partly because I originally wrote this for Steve Sorrell to consider publishing in the Australian & New Zealand Mineral Collector magazine he edits. Two rockhound terms are fossicking (hunting and gathering rocks and minerals) and noodling (gathering from mine tailings). Some abbreviations of states and territories: WA = Western Australia, NT =… Continue

Added by Kitty Heacox on April 29, 2010 at 5:16pm — 1 Comment

Rockhounding Adventures of the 4th Kind: Digging Halite at Searles Lake

Yes, this is that rich a color when it's in your hand!
I've been a rockhound since I could walk, but my adult "career" began 30 years ago. It's been a long, strange trip.

However, over the decades of digging, collecting and working with… Continue

Added by Kris Rowe on December 19, 2009 at 1:29am — No Comments

Acton Agates

Acton Agates - Southern California

It was a very nice cool day so sun screen was optional! This site is not too picked over. We found some really nice quartz crystals, a few pieces of blood stone, moss agate and purple banded agate. It is located in the hills of Acton, California. The wild flowers were in bloom so the day was perfect! I have attached a youtube video that gives you detailed direction and a look at a few specimens . I will post ours once we have them all cleaned… Continue

Added by Cheri Moody on April 1, 2009 at 3:39pm — 3 Comments

Searles Lake - Rockhounding in a "Traffic Jam"

Searles Lake - Rockhounding in a "Traffic Jam"


Without a doubt, one of my top 5 "most enjoyable" collecting experiences was the 2008 Searles Valley Mineral Society Gem-O-Rama. Nestled in the arid wilderness, Trona is a dusty, sulfurous oasis between the bustling (yawn!) metropolis of Ridgecrest (pop. 25,000) and Death Valley.

The home of the Searles Valley Mineral Corp, Trona produces many different… Continue

Added by Kris Rowe on March 26, 2009 at 5:30pm — No Comments

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